THE GHOST OF CUSTARD CASTLE is an ebook collection of six stories. Meet a vampire, a skeleton and a headless knight!
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Wizard Watchit and the ghost by the cauldron

The Ghost of Custard Castle is a collection of six more stories about Custard Castle. You can read a sample below.

The stories in this collection are:

The Ghost in the Tower: The ghost has always lived in Wizard Watchit's tower. But the Wizard isn't scared by the ghost any more - so it needs to find somebody who is...

The Wrong Spell: Wizard Watchit's latest spell goes drastically wrong - and the King is not happy!

The Skeleton in the Cupboard: All Fifi wants are some new clothes. But when she hunts through the castle for them, she finds something much scarier instead...

a skeleton in a yellow daisy dress is chasing Princess Fifi

The Lost Room: How can a Grand Dining Room go missing? And why? Wizard Watchit and the ghost set out on its trail.

The Headless Knight: At midnight it comes clanking through the rooms of Custard Castle. But what is it looking for? The terrified ghost is the only one who knows...

a headless knight in armour stamps after the terrified ghost

A Visit from Count Scapula: The Queen's cousin pays a visit. Strange that she doesn't remember having a cousin with such red eyes and long, sharp fangs...

* * *

Read the beginning of The Ghost of Custard Castle below...

* * *

The Ghost in the Tower

Up in the tallest tower of Custard Castle, Wizard Watchit was getting hot and cross.

His spells weren't going right. It made him angry.

"Bother!" he grumbled, turning the pages of his spell book. He didn't see the white ghostly shape creeping up behind him.

"Woo!" wailed the ghostly shape in his ear. The wizard jumped, and dropped his book in the cauldron.

"Look what you made me do!" he shouted.


"Yes, you! Go away, ghost! I'm busy."

"Woo woo?"

"Leave me alone!" snapped Wizard Watchit. He fished the spell book out of the cauldron. It was covered in spiders.

The ghost waited for a moment, and then began to rattle its chains. Clinkety bong, clinkety bong...

"Stop it!" snapped Wizard Watchit. "I said I'm busy. Anyway, you don't scare me any more."

"Woo woo woo?"

"No! You don't scare me one little bit! Now go away."


"I said go away!"

"Woo..." Slowly the ghost floated towards the door. It looked back at Wizard Watchit angrily flicking spiders off his spell book.

"Woo woo," murmured the ghost sadly, as it drifted through the door and left the wizard's tower behind.

the sad ghost drifts away

The ghost felt very upset. It had always lived in the Wizard's tower. It liked Wizard Watchit. It liked creeping up behind him and going "Woo!" so that the Wizard jumped.

And Wizard Watchit had always liked being scared by the ghost - until today. Now he wasn't scared any more. He didn't want the ghost around.

"Woo-hoo," moaned the ghost unhappily. A ghost was meant to be scary. That was its job.

So if Wizard Watchit wasn't frightened of it any more, it would have to find somebody else to scare...

* * *

The ghost had never left the tower before. Now it set out to explore the three hundred dusty rooms of Custard Castle.

It drifted through walls and oozed under doors, looking for people to frighten. Apart from the Wizard, there were only six people living in the castle. So it took a long time for the ghost to find anyone at all.

It had almost given up hope when it drifted into the counting-house.

The King was in there, counting out his money, while Jack the servant-boy stood guard.

The ghost wafted around the counting-house, waiting for them to look up and see it.

But the King was too busy counting his money. And Jack was too busy having a little doze.

"Woo?" said the ghost hopefully.

Neither of them looked up. So the ghost began to rattle its chains.

Clinkety-clank! went the chains.

The King rattled his gold coins.

Clinkety-clank! went the coins.

The ghost rattled harder. CLANK RATTLE BONG! went the chains.

The King poured the gold coins into his money box. CLANK RATTLE BONG! went the coins.

The King could not hear the ghost. Neither could Jack.

"Right! I've counted the money!" announced the King. "Jack? Stand guard while I put it in the treasure room."

Jack woke up and went over to the treasure room door. The ghost followed. It decided to slip behind the door and leap out at the King. That would really scare him!

So when Jack opened the door, the ghost wafted into the dark treasure room.

The King emptied his money box into the treasure room. The ghost was about to leap out of the dark and scare the King, when a Thing leapt out of the dark and scared the ghost.

"RRARGH!!" roared the Thing.

The Thing in the Custard Castle stories is a ball of blue fluff with claws and a VERY loud voice

"Woo!" screamed the ghost. It shot out of the treasure-room so fast that the King did not even notice it.

The King slammed the door and mopped his brow.

"That Thing certainly does a good job of guarding the treasure," he said.

The ghost did not hear him. It had rushed away faster than steam from a kettle. It sped through stone walls and hurtled through closed doors in its hurry to escape.

At last, as it grew tired, it had to slow down. It looked around.

It was in the Queen's bathroom. The Queen was cleaning her teeth. The bathroom was so steamy that she could not see the ghost.

"Woo woo!" moaned the ghost.

The Queen dropped her toothbrush. "What was that?"


"What an odd noise!" exclaimed the Queen.

The ghost began to rattle its ghostly chains. Clinkety bong! went the chains.

The Queen gasped, looking very alarmed. The ghost was delighted. It rattled harder.

"Woo woo!" Clinkety bong!

"Air in the pipes!" announced the Queen.


The Queen ran off to fetch her toolbox, and set to work on the bathroom pipes with a spanner. Soon she was banging and clanging so loudly that echoes bounced around the bathroom.

"Woo!" wailed the ghost in protest.

"More air in those pipes!" declared the Queen. She got out a hammer and began to bang even harder. Soon the ghost had a headache.

"Woo woo," it groaned, as it dived out of the bathroom. It would have to look for someone else to scare...

So it wafted through walls and oozed under doors until it found itself in Princess Fifi's room.

Fifi was lying on her bed, eating chocolates and reading the Bumper Book of Princes.

"Woo woo," said the ghost, without much hope.

Fifi sat up. "Who's there?"

"Woo," said the ghost, a little louder.

"Is that a ghost I hear?"


"Is that a ghostly shape I see before me?

"Woo woo!" it cried joyfully.

Fifi clasped her hands. "A ghost! How exciting! Oh, are you the ghost of a handsome Prince eaten by wolves on his way to claim my hand-"


"-or are you the phantom of a brave knight chopped into tiny pieces in a duel for my sake?"

"Woo!" protested the ghost. It backed away nervously.

"Or were you munched by monsters, or guzzled by giants, or slowly squeezed to death by slimy serpents-"

"Woo!" The ghost didn't wait to hear any more. Shuddering with horror, it fled from Fifi's room and glided down the stairs.

"Woo!" it moaned miserably. It didn't scare the King, or the Queen, or the Princess. Would it ever find anyone to scare?

* * *

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