English Poetry of Landscape: an Anthology 1370 to 1928 is a free ebook containing poems by over fifty authors.

English Poetry of Landscape

An Anthology 1370 to 1928 - a free ebook

This ebook contains works by over fifty poets, from Chaucer to Rupert Brooke, and includes some of the best-known English poems as well as less famous works. The poems are arranged chronologically, showing how attitudes to landscape have shifted through the centuries.

All the poems are in the public domain in the UK. I have attempted to preserve their correct layout as far as is possible in ebook form. You can download the ebook below in epub, mobi (Kindle) and pdf formats.

Download the free ebook:
epub (for most ereaders)
mobi (for Kindle)

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About Emma Laybourn

The epub and mobi editions were produced using free software from Calibre.

the cover of the free ebook of English Poetry of Landscape compiled by Emma Laybourn