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Book reviews

Emma Laybourn's books include stories about magic, wizards, dragons, and an Egyptian mummy that comes back to life.

These are some reviews of her books:

Dungeon, Dragon

The Sorcerer is throwing everyone into his dungeons. But when his prisoners use magic to escape, their spells get out of control...

...This fast moving, comic and exciting story is... a tale in which nothing is as it seems... It builds to a terrific climax.

School Librarian Autumn 2008

You can buy the paperback of Dungeon, Dragon from Random House, Book Depository and other booksellers.

Minus Magic (published in the USA as 'Missing Magic')

In a school full of wizards, Ned is the only one without magical powers. Then the mysterious Necromancers kidnap his friends. How can Ned save them?

...This is a great story! ... easy enough for a range of children to enjoy yet very well written with some descriptive gems... the characters are also varied, believable and easy to imagine.

School Librarian Autumn 2006

...a gently humorous story... evokes Harry Potter with clever magical touches... Young fantasy readers will bond with Ned.

BCCB (USA) June 2007

You can buy the UK paperback of Minus Magic from Random House, Waterstones and other booksellers.

The ebook of the US edition is available at:
Barnes and Noble Nook Books and Apple iTunes.

Clone Rangers

Three children go missing in the ruined city, and Benbow the police dog is ordered to hunt them down. It's a dangerous job, but he has some very unusual helpers.

...The first word "Scalpel" sets the scene for a fast-paced adventure story... This is an entertaining tale for canine fans of all ages.

The Lady Dec 2003

...The narrative drive is such that you happily suspend disbelief by the end of the first chapter... Readers of nine and upwards will love it.

Independent on Sunday 7 Dec 2003

The revised ebook edition is now free to download here!


He looks like an ordinary computer mouse. But Megamouse has big plans - which get him into even bigger trouble!

...The hero is a computer mouse with ideas above his station... very funny.

The Observer 16 Dec 2001

...A rollicking adventure complete with a Cruella de Vil-style villainess.

The Independent 20 Oct 2001

The new e-book edition is now free to download here!

Megamouse and his friend Cleo the rat
Mummy Mania

Can an Egyptian mummy really have woken up and walked out of the museum? Jake and Amber have to find it before it's too late...

...A very funny, fast moving book, which will undoubtedly be a classroom favourite.

Write Away Dec 2002

The new e-book edition is now free to download here!

Monster Shoes
Shortlisted for the Experian Big 3 Book Prize, 2000

Jack's shoes are new, shiny and thoroughly wicked - and not in a good way! For younger readers.

...Funny, slightly worrying and brilliantly paced... the whole thing fizzes along with enormous brio. Just the thing to tempt new readers into the world of books.

Adele Geras, Carousel, Autumn 1999

Now reissued in paperback and as an ebook.
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When Ben's father goes away, he leaves a robot, Tarragon, to take his place. But Tarragon has some very strange ideas about how fathers should behave!

...the exuberant, energetic story of Tarragon, a three-armed robot... his ignorance of the world makes him a hilarious disaster.

Daily Telegraph 7 June 1997

...A likeable and amusing story suitable for 8 to 12s.

School Librarian May 1997

Now reissued in paperback! Available from Random House, Foyles and other booksellers.

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