MONSTER SHOES - Jack's new shoes are out of control! How can he tame them? A funny chapter book for younger readers.
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Out now in paperback and ebook!


Jack loves his scruffy, squishy, comfortable old trainers. But Mum won't let him wear them to school.

Instead, she takes him to buy a new pair. And at a shop signed MONSTER SHOE SALE, she sees just the thing.

A pair of shiny, squeaky, hard and horrid lace-ups...

They're Monster Shoes! And soon they're out of control! They make Jack's feet do all sorts of dreadful things.

How can Jack tame his Monster Shoes?

Find out in this easy chapter book for beginner readers, with delightful illustrations by Georgien Overwater: now reissued in paperback and as an ebook.

MONSTER SHOES was shortlisted for the Big 3 Book Award.

"....Funny, slightly worrying and brilliantly paced... the whole thing fizzes along with enormous brio. Just the thing to tempt new readers into the world of books." (Adele Geras, Carousel)

Sadly I can not make the ebook free as I do not own the publishing rights.

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the cover of MONSTER SHOES, the children's book by Emma Laybourn

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the cover of MONSTER SHOES, the children's book by Emma Laybourn. When Jack gets
 new school shoes, they take control!


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