Here you can download most of the free children's ebooks on the Megamouse Books site in one place.

Download Free Ebooks

Here are the free ebooks by Emma Laybourn in one place for quick and easy downloading.

To find more details of each book, or to read them online, please go to the
List of Free Stories.

Shorter Books
Humdrum the Hippo Mobi Epub
Eagle Eyes Mobi Epub
Granny Small Mobi Epub
Uncle Hand-Me-Down Mobi Epub
Sharkbiter Mobi Epub
Bad Frog! Mobi Epub
Bad Frog at School Mobi Epub
Bad Frog at Work Mobi Epub
Croc Wants to Play Mobi Epub
The Weather Tin Mobi Epub
Save the Unicorn Mobi Epub

Dinosaur stories
Earthshaker Mobi Epub, Pdf with pictures (440kb)
Elly and Aargh! Mobi Epub, Pdf with pictures (695kb)
King of the Killers Mobi Epub, Pdf with pictures (802kb)

Alien Tales
Alien Ahoy! Mobi Epub
The Moon Monster Mobi Epub
The Spooky Spaceship Mobi (130kb) Epub (110kb)
The Runaway Space School Mobi Epub

Inkwell School Stories
Mr Podge's Porridge Mobi Epub
The Dragon's Birthday Mobi Epub
Iron Beans Mobi Epub
Mr Spigot Forgets Mobi Epub

Pirate Stories
The Pirate's Parrot Mobi Epub
Captain Snatchit's Revenge Mobi Epub
The Wreck of the Seaslug Mobi Epub

Custard Castle Stories
The Thing in the Dungeon Mobi Epub
The Dragon under the Stairs Mobi Epub
The Messy Princess Mobi Epub
The Marvellous Moat Mobi Epub
The Surprising Storm Mobi Epub
Princess Fifi's Frog Mobi Epub
Dragon Dilemma Mobi Epub
Spring Clean Mobi Epub
The New Witch Mobi Epub
The Other Ghost Mobi Epub

Christmas Stories
Cold Cuthbert's Journey Mobi (200kb) Epub pdf
Horace's Christmas Sleigh Mobi (210kb) Epub pdf (130kb)
Pies and Harmony (not on this website, but you can still download it here) Mobi (270kb) Epub (160kb) pdf
The Best Christmas Play Ever Mobi Epub

Longer Stories
(Mostly between 100 and 500 kb)
Bobbins Mobi Epub
A Den of Dragons: 8 Dragon Tales Mobi Epub
Cosmic Camel Mobi Epub pdf
One Thousand Lollipops Mobi Epub pdf
Doofus, Dog of Doom Mobi Epub pdf
The Trophy Trap Mobi Epub pdf
I Can't See You Mobi Epub pdf
Petrol Paws Mobi Epub pdf
Race Night Mobi Epub pdf

You can also find many of the ebooks free at the following online bookstores:

Click on a link to be taken to Emma's author page.

At the ebook stores above, you will find omnibus versions of some of the stories:

A BUNDLE OF DINOSAURS contains Earthshaker, Elly and Aargh! and King of the Killers, with full colour illustrations.
CAPTAIN SNATCHIT'S PARROT contains The Pirate's Parrot, Captain's Snatchit's Revenge and The Wreck of the Seaslug.
THE KING OF CUSTARD CASTLE contains The Thing in the Dungeon, the Dragon Under the Stairs, The Messy Princess and The Marvellous Moat, with colour illustrations.
CHAOS AT CUSTARD CASTLE contains Princess Fifi's Frog, The Surprising Storm, Dragon Dilemma and Spring Clean, with colour illustrations.

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the cover of the children's free ebook A DEN OF DRAGONS, containing 8 dragon
stories by Emma Laybourn

thumbnail covers of some of Emma Laybourn's free children's ebooks

the cover of the children's free ebook about a cat that lives in an old cotton
mill, (KS1 and KS2 fiction), BOBBINS by Emma Laybourn